Our Products

HXE115-KP is a single phase prepayment residential meter with keypad to provide local charging and reading. It complies with STS standard and supported by Hexing powerful vending system.

The Cashpower Gem Lite is a single phase, two wire, 80 Amp, STS keypad prepayment meter in a compact British Standard housing,
The meter has specifically been developed to provide utilities with a quality, low cost, highly reliable STS keypad prepayment metering solution, while maintaining conformance to internationally standards such as IEC62055-31.

Conlog’s BEC21 prepayment meter offers a simple and secure method of managing the electricity consumption of typical residential users. A bottom-entry wiring terminal with large cover ensures quick and easy installation, with no compromises to safety. The meter has an integrated keypad and large display, and can provide the user with both audible and visual feedback. Protection, integrity and security are achieved with the use of Conlog’s Cryptovault technology, advanced tamper detection features, and an ultrasonically welded meter enclosure. The inclusion of Near Field Technology (NFC) enhances the user experience by offering a contactless method of transferring tokens.

HXP100DII is a single phase two wire residential DIN-rail split prepayment meter, it complies with open standard (STS) vending system. With MBUS communication, it can be used for energy consumption monitoring and credit charging.

CIU EV100 is a customer interface unit with keypad and big LCD. It communicates with metering unit by dual-wire for energy consumption monitoring and credit charging.

Cashpower Power-Rail is a single-phase 60A (80A optional) split meter in a DIN rail-mount housing. It is ideal for new reticulation where housing is informal with the prepayment meters mounted in a pole-top enclosure with respective customer interface units conveniently mounted in the dwellings below.

HXE330 is a new generation of three phase smart keypad prepayment meter
which migrating STS/CTS with AMI functions. It provides local and remote credit charging. The meter is supported by Hexing’s sophisticated vending system software.

FGH100/600 series of meter cabinets are made of stainless steel with high level of anti-corrosive, dust proof, rust proof, water proof, ultra violet stabilized and flame retardant which make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor mounting. With reasonable design, they have more internal space to install high accuracy meter, communication modem, CT and MCB etc for different type of application. Sealable and lockable cabinet door, combined with open door detecting sensor, they support the high level of anti-tamper ability. Meter cabinet from this series can be mounted on ground, on pole or on wall.

Water Meters

Prepaid Residential Ultrasonic
Smart Water Meter

ZLINK prepaid residential water meter is a static meter oper-ating on ultrasonic measurement technology with keypad CIU, it is tailored to new developed vending with respect to International STS1 and STS2 standard; guaranteeing Token Algorithm security, helping utility eliminate bad debt, and improving cash management.
ZLINK performs accurate metering of water consumption with long-term stability. ZLINK is integrated with a wide range of IoT technologies to fit various application scenarios, which paves the way towards intelligent water utilities and smart city.

Customer Interface Unit

IU EV900 is a customer interface unit with keypad for credit charging.
It communicates with metering unit by RF for water consumption monitoring and credit charging.

Versatile, smart and easy to use, Utility Systems’ prepaid water metering solution for submetering addresses most metering challenges faced by property owners and managers.
Not only is this the first commercially available and proven prepaid water metering system, but this solution also offers you a range of additional key services.
Approved by the STS Association and enabled with Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) capabilities, this solution prevents water wastage and allows for accurate water balancing.
You can also collect payments from tenants, while enabling them to top up at their own discretion.